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    ProcessKill - Stop monitoring your servers for countless hours!

    Keep your shared servers running smoothly:

    ProcessKill is a simple script that monitors current processes in a Linux system and kills the processes taking more than X% of CPU or Y% of memory and running for more than Z minutes. This is specially useful for webhosting companies selling shared servers.

    ProcessKill was not made to be beautiful and with a lot of features but to be an effective script.

    For more information:



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    anyone use this script ? any feedback would be helpful as I been intrested but I haven't seen any feedback on it yet.

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    I'm using that script and it really works and works fine.
    PM me if you have more questions.

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    Stupid Question: This script wouldn't work on Cobalt RaQ's would it? If it does, then I may check it out...

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    It will work on any system running linux.


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    We use it to, highly recommended.
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    Yea, its a good script.. Server was about to be taken down by some bad abusers running bad cgi scripts... processkill saved the day
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    that's great to hear , we bought one just to test it out and if sucessful we will purchase more for our other servers.

    Thanks for the feedback

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    same question as the last time you posted this offer:

    how is this different from a hard limit in pam.conf?

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    This is supposed to be a script to be installed in 1 or 2 minutes.
    Just reading and understanding all pam stuff, user will have to waste a lot more than that. Another thing is that some dedicated servers may not even have pam installed...

    If you want to advertise something, use another post. Don't use this one.

    thank you.

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    Pardon me, but I question the effectiveness of running a kill script in cron when multiple processes can consume your system within seconds potentially not allowing cron to execute because of low resources.

    The real-world high-traffic situations I have been in that seem common are caused by the result of a single broken CGI script which is being executed multiple times by multiple web users.

    These types of processes must be controlled (not always killed) within seconds to maintain server stability, one minute can be too late for the rest of your customers.
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    In the real-world situations i have been in that never happened (not running cron because of low resources), even when CGI scripts broke.

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    Crouzer don't go knocking other peoples work. Ok so you may be in the same line of business but after all these positive posts why go criticising it

    You don't see us slating your work

    Very good work Rui an excellent piece of software!


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    I'm not knocking anything, I'm offering criticism for improvement.

    Sorry if I came off offensive to you.


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    i was not advertising anything - in fact, i can not possibly be selling pam since it is open-source and freely available. the limits are by far the easiest part of pam, so that issue is moot. pam also comes pre-installed with redhat, debian and derivatives, so unless someone is running slack, pam is already there.

    im not trying to knock anything, but the people that might buy this need to be aware that there is a free, system-level (more powerful) alternative available, though admittedly it might be slightly harder to set up.

    if someone is aware of this and decides to go with your product because of ease-of-use or whatever other reasons, its all good. just as long as its an informed decision.

    good luck,
    * Rusko Enterprises LLC - Upgrade to 100% uptime today!
    * Premium NYC collocation and custom dedicated servers
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    dedicated servers, collocation, load balanced and high availability clusters

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    It wasnt aimed at you Rusko

    Valid point you had! But as Rui pointed out some people don't want to go into all that configuration! They just wanted a tried and tested option that is cheap and works! Just the same way people don't usually go and build a control panel, they go out and buy one


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    you already said that pam was free on my last post! what is the point of saying again?!

    ok.... people must be informed and you inform them now and in your last post. if people want something for free they will look for it, they don't need a guardian angel.

    i hope you don't decide to inform them everytime i advertise my script.

    everyone knows there is free stuff for almost everything:
    you have linux and windows, office and openoffice.... people are free to choose.

    if you don't like my script, fine. don't buy it. just leave others the choice. they are smart enough to look in google or anywhere else for a free solution. They didn't ask for your advice.

    thank you.

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