We recently bought a new server that uses Ensim as a control panel, while we focus on delivering web content, advertising and marketing, etc we do not have the time to manage a server. So if you're an intermediate to advanced level administrator of Ensim 3.1, you are eligible for some free web space. Like I said in the subject, 50GB transfer, 5GB space. Perhaps more if you ever need it. I'll also be making this deal to someone with advanced skills in PHP/MYSQL whom have experience with developing content management systems.

So yes, we're willing to give away a chunk of our bandwidth and space in exchange for services. Currently, we have two web servers. Here are the specs.

AMD Athalon 1200MHz
Plesk 2.2.5
400GB/Mo. Transfer

Intel Celeron 1.3GHz
Ensim 3.1
400GB/Mo. Transfer

The one you would be hosted on will be your choice .

On the celeron, we have 60GB remaining and all our transfer... on the AMD server we have 5GB precisely and 50GB transfer remaining to suit our offer. This is a once in a life time deal! We are in desperate need of someone who can admin Ensim!

If you're interested, send a message to [email protected]!