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    Chargeback for script sale

    I received a chargeback today for a sale of my custom hosting plan script.

    According to the documents I got, the person claims that they are in possession of their card, and that it has not been stolen. I also received a list of about 30 other transactions (not from us) that they claim are fraudulent. EVERY SINGLE ONE of these are from online business, and the majority are identifiable just by their name as web-hosting related businesses, or things that might be useful to them - domains, humanclick, etc. Almost a full half of the charges are from GoDaddy. These charges total literally thousands of dollars.

    So I'm thinking... thousands of dollars in "fraudulent" charges and they say their card is not stolen? Bull! The way I see it, either their business went under and they just don't want to pay up, or their card WAS stolen.

    AVS matched both ZIP and address. There is someone by their name at their address. Their name was on the chargeback form. They are listed as the registrar of the domain they gave us. And that domain includes the word "host" in a way implying that the domain could be used for a hosting company.

    My question is, what do I do? I received an order for this, so it's not like I stole their number and got some money for myself. And if the card was stolen, surely I can't be held liable for paying back the amount charge PLUS chargeback fees!

    What should I do? What do you think? Right now at the very least I'm going to have my response be that I dispute the chargeback.

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    unless u got a signed trans reciept, your basically shi* out of luck....

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    I know...
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    Well, if you are pretty sure you have their correct information, just inform them that you will be sending them a bill that they now need to pay. Also tell them that if they do not pay that bill, they will be sent to collections.

    Just because you got a chargeback from them via their credit card does not mean they no longer have to pay the bill.

    I would definitely send them an email and maybe even a letter (and then maybe even certified if you want them to know you mean business).

    Of course, they will probably continue to claim they didn't purchase it from you, in which case you will definitely not be able to prove otherwise.

    Anyway... It's worth a shot.. you might scare them enough to actually get them to pay.

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    Join the club, we average about 10 chargebacks a month.

    Most of them are from clients who dont remember they have hosting with us. Some are from stolen cards and some are just too lazy to close the account the right way.

    To make things worst the credit card company is always on thier side no matter how much proof you show.

    good luck.
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