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    UnitedColo Help!

    Hi all,
    Please help. I'm what's known as "in over my head".

    I just signed up for a server with UnitedColo and now have Webmin access. However, my domain has been repointed to the UnitedColo name servers, but doesn't seem to point to my site. Do I have to set this up in Webmin?

    Also, is it usual to have the Webmin modules for ProFTP and WU-FTP, but not have the programs actually available, as in not installed?

    I've emailed UnitedColo and they said they will get an engineer to "check it out tomorrow" - but tomorrow has come and gone.

    Anybody who can help (for free...we went with UC for a reason! ), please email me [email protected]

    Also, any guides on how to use Webmin to setup a basic email account with Sendmail? I can't find any!

    Thank you in advance,
    Ken Barnes,

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    yes, you will have to install those programs... or configure the modules, if they are infact installed... unless you want to invest in something like ensim, or cpanel... those will take care of all of it for you...

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    Can I install Ensim or CPanel on a UnitedColo server?

    How do I go about it?
    Ken Barnes,

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    You have to purchase Cpanel

    There are a few companies that sell it. You can get it from $50.00-$65.00 Ask United colo if they have an internal supplier. That should make it cheaper.

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