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    vbulletin request

    I made this offer once before, and it turned into a flame war. Once again, please don't do this. I've renovated the deal to make it better for the other party. And please don't tell me I need a job.

    Anyways, I'm looking for a leased/owned vbulletin license. In return for your generous donation, the I will do the following things:

    On the new board, you will recieve a banner of anything of your choice at the top. Your hosting company, I don't care.

    The license can remain in your name.

    As long as I'm using your donated license, the banner ad will remain.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. AND PLEASE NO FLAMING. vBulletin is a great product, and unless you want me to explain why I don't have the money for it right now, please don't tell me to get a job. And this is no different than asking for free hosting. I'm not asking anyone to buy a new license, just if anyone has a spare one and there interested in this deal.

    Now that I've secured my place in the world of idiots,
    Also, if you have a cheap one for sale I might be willing to buy it.

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    MidnightPyro, if you got the hint that no one is willing to lend you a license why are you posting another request? No offense or anything.

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    well, I just thought I might reoffer it with different terms and see if I get any offers. Right now it looks pretty grim, but hopefully theres someone interested out there...somewhere...
    But who knows? Might as well try again..

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    Yeah, good luck man.

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    potential sponsors might want to know what the board will be about?

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    I suggest the following things will help you out on this board:

    -tell us what this vBulletin board is going to be for? (what the site is....gaming site, web hosting stuff...relationship forum...etc)
    -tell us your plans for the website you will be installing the vBulletin on
    -explain to us the number of members and views your site and board will receive

    All this info is very critical to ones decision to help you out. At the moment, we have no idea if giving you a license will help benefit us in any way. Sure you're going to put our banner up...but if nobody is going to see it, or nobody in our marketing target audience is going to see it...what use is it to us?

    Let the details be known and I'm sure you'll see more interest spur here. Your request is too general.
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    Another option would simply be to use phpbb as it is a free bulletin board, and IMHO is better than a lot of the boards you pay for.
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    Originally posted by STX-Hosting
    Another option would simply be to use phpbb as it is a free bulletin board, and IMHO is better than a lot of the boards you pay for.
    Agreed. PhpBB has a very nice community and since it's open source, it has many many more hacks available for it. I personally use vbulletin, just because I feel more secure using a paid bulletin board and technical support is very good. But if I wasn't using vb, i'd definately use PhpBB.

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    You simply cannot beat vB, for a feature rich community application. Plus there is a huge hacking community producing high quality mods for it... - Database design, development and administration.

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