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    Lightbulb Just wondering.....

    Hi, as you all know, there are many people who cheat people out of their offers, so I have one question.

    Just to be safe before I rent a server, what kind of precautions should I take?

    If someone offered me a server and I pay for it, and they run off, what should I do?

    Thanks, please reply

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    1) Pay By Credit Card so that you can chargeback if you have to (last resort)

    2) Get a signed contract

    3) Talk to "someone" over the phone

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    Ok, then what if I paid for the server, didnt sign contract, didnt talk over phone, did this all over ICQ, and they run off?

    What can I do in that situation?

    Just curious


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    Use the last resort mentioned above by akash

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