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    QuickNOC.NET New Datacenter Pre-opening will be opening late 2002/early 2003 in a ~1000 sq. ft. facility in Marlboro, NJ that will feature only Tier-1 (non-Cogent) bandwidth (will be multi-homed within ~1-3 months).

    Datacenter features
    - Climate-controlled
    - Power generator & UPS backups
    - Secure location
    - 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee

    The datacenter is not open yet, we are in preparation stages before connections and equipment are installed. At this point, we know that the datacenter will be available for use around December, January, or February 2002.

    Before we open, we are offering these specials. We require no payment until the datacenter is open and ready for use, and no contract. In order to prepare for our grand opening, we are taking pre-orders (absolutely FREE) for our dedicated server and co-location services.


    [ Co-Location Plan ]
    $65/mo per midtower shelf-space (includes 10GB b/w)
    $20/mo per 1U of rackspace (includes 5GB b/w)

    Bandwidth can be purchased in blocks of:
    5GB -> $10/mo
    50GB -> $75/mo
    100GB -> $125/mo
    200GB -> $200/mo

    No setup fee. No minimums. (If you only need to co-locate a midtower with 10GB bandwidth, it would only cost $60/mo) 8 IP addresses included - additional free with justification.

    Includes 2 hours of remote hands service per month (we can run scripts, etc. from your system if it goes down or install things for you while speaking with you over the phone or instant messenger)

    If you e-mail [email protected] *now* regarding the colocation plans -- we'll add an extra 25GB bandwidth to your colo plan free of charge when the datacenter is ready to use.


    [ Dedicated Server 1 ]
    Intel 1.2GHz
    256MB RAM
    40GB 7200RPM HDD
    100GB Bandwidth Included
    $99/mo - $0 setup fee

    If you e-mail [email protected] *now* regarding Dedicated Server 1 plan, we will throw in an additional 50GB bandwidth for a total of 150GB bandwidth and an additional 256MB ram for a total of 512MB ram when the datacenter is online and ready to use.


    CPanel License -> +$60/mo
    Reboots -> Free!


    Please post any questions. If you are interested, please e-mail me ([email protected]) directly.
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    Nice idea and nice offer.

    Good luck to you in your venture.
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    Thank you, WebmastTroy.

    Just a note:
    Remember, to pre-order, there is no risk - you can always cancel. Pre-ordered servers will be installed *first* when the datacenter is ready to use.

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