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    Graphic Designer Needed


    We are seeking for a highly skilled graphic disigner.

    We are not interested in web design companies at the moment.

    We basically want to hire designer(s) that we could subcontract our graphic work to be used in web sites . The work load will increase once we see what you can handle, we need someone who could work under pressure and max 48hr turn around time

    Not interested in web template ressellers

    If you or your company would be interested please PM your C.V., portofolio, rates and tel #

    the thread will be removed once we come to a agreement


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    May international clients apply? I live in the UK, I don't think telephone conversation will be feasible.

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    See my portfolio.
    also international ...

    about rates ... what type of work are you thinking about ?
    or you want hourly rates ?

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    I've found very professional graphic artist at: .

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    count me in :

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    aiiiee, wuts a graphics artist to you??
    there are soo many terms out there such as graphics artist, graphics designer, logo designers, commerical artist, web graphics artist..

    and so many times, the definition seem to cross over with others..
    so are you looking for a designer for graphics such as logos and banners?? or templates only?

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    Fazel3: thank you, but I prefer someone in USA or Canada

    AdidasROXX : "wuts a graphics artist to you?? " well logos, banners, templates and print work.


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    Too bad you only prefer US/Canada designers. At any rate, if you may change your mind later... may I invite you to take a look at our gallery.

    Thank you very much.

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