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    Avail. Now - a Raq 550 and a 1U Linux - P4 1.8Ghz, 2x40GB HD, 512MB RAM

    in rack, ready to go...

    P4 1.8Ghz
    2 x 40GB HDs
    512GB RAM
    RH 7.3/8.0
    webmin CP

    100GB transfer
    IPs as justified

    no setup


    also avail immediately - Cobalt Raq 550

    P4 1.2Ghz
    2 x 80GB HDs (can be RAID 0, 1 or none)
    512GB RAM

    100GB transfer
    IPs as justified

    no setup


    Sprint, Savvis
    3Mb pipe, not saturated


    small friendly shop, own datacenter, free 3rd-tier sysadmin support.

    we compete on support, not price.
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    Very nice offer.

    *cough* check your title *cough*

    "Last year, some resourceful software enthusiasts cracked Sony Music's proprietary technology simply by scribbling around the edges of the disc with a Magic Marker pen, thus enabling playback on any device." -

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    errr... my bad... too many hours at the console

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