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    Question Can someone tell be what these means (warning, BIG list!)

    I hope I am posting this to the correct forum, apologies if I haven't.

    Okay, as I'm new to all of this webhosting stuff and don't know what half of these things mean. Could somebody please define this BIG list:

    Linux Redhat 7.2
    Domain Pointers
    Perl/ PHP/ MySQL/ CGI
    Web Based FTP Upload
    Unlimited Cron Jobs Manager
    End User Backup System
    Trace route & Network Tools
    Interchange Cart
    Agora Cart
    XMB Bulletin Board (is that like a forum/BBS like this one?)
    Cgi Wrapper
    Random HTML Generator
    Secure FormMail clone
    Entropy Search
    Entropy Banner
    SSH access
    Apache 1.3.22
    Sendmail 8.11.6
    ProFTPD 1.2.4
    Bind 9.2.1-0.7
    Majordomo 1.94.5
    Openssl 0.9.6b
    Frontpage 5.0 (is that like MS Frontpage express?)
    Imap 2000c
    Python 2.2.3
    Python2 2.1.3
    Tomcat 4 4.0.3 with JDK 1.43
    SquirrelMail 1.0.6
    CGI-BIN -- Your own cgi-bin
    HotLink Protection
    Red Hat Linux 7.3 Based System
    Accelerated Cache Technologies
    Xoops Auto Install


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    Umm...I don't want a great portfolio of info (I'd never have the time to read it lol), I just want to know basically what it means...puh-lease?

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    Originally posted by porcupine
    Go ask the host offering it, im sure they'd be more then happy to spend 3 hours explaining to you what they all do
    that post didn't help now did it? here's part of the list to get started, hopefully others will be a little more helpful and define some more (otherwise i'll add more later)

    Linux Redhat 7.2: this is the operating system of the server. It is a flavor of *nix which has proved to be a relatively stable operating environment for web servers.

    Domain Pointers: These allow you to point to a subdomain of ( or to a directory within (

    PHP/Perl(CGI): are popular server side scripting languages. these allow you to create/run "programs" on the server

    mySQL is a database environment for a webserver

    web based FTP upload allows you to use your browser to upload files to the server

    cron jobs allow you to execute server commands at specific intervals

    end user backup system: this is most likely a feature that allows you to download a backup file yourself.

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    Linux Redhat 7.2: Operating System Used
    Domain Pointers: Can point like yourdomain to folder 1, yourdomain2 to folder 2.... etc.
    Perl/ PHP/ MySQL/ CGI: Supports these programming languages
    Web Based FTP Upload: You can upload from your browser instead of using an FTP client such as SmartFTP.
    Unlimited Cron Jobs Manager: You can assign an unlimited number of tasks to be done. Such as compiling stats.
    End User Backup System: umm.... I guess a backup system.
    Trace route & Network Tools: You can trace the server to your computer... just like tracert.
    Interchange Cart: A shopping cart like what is used at
    Agora Cart: Another shopping cart. A lot more basic though
    XMB Bulletin Board (is that like a forum/BBS like this one?): A Forum such as this one, just this one uses vBulletin.
    php: A programming language used to power forums, or some sties.
    Cgi Wrapper: CGI stuff.
    Random HTML Generator: I'm not sure... never used it when the host I was using had offered it.
    Secure FormMail clone: Some stuff you'll probably never use.
    cgiemail: People can email you using a CGI Page.
    Entropy Search: A search engine.
    Entropy Banner: A banner exchange program.
    SSH access: A way to unzip files that are already on the server.
    SSL: Secured Stuff
    Apache 1.3.22: The Web Server used.
    ProFTPD 1.2.4. FTP Progam used on the server.
    Openssl 0.9.6b: SSL Program used I guess?
    Frontpage 5.0 (is that like MS Frontpage express?): Frontpage Extensions.
    Imap 2000c: Web Based Email
    SquirrelMail 1.0.6: Another Web Based email client.
    CGI-BIN -- Your own cgi-bin: Folder that you can run your CGI Scripts out of
    Ensim: Control Panel.
    ASP: Apache ASP I guess. Supports some ASP Files. I might be wrong.
    HotLink Protection: So people can't use your images on their site.

    That's all I know.

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    Thanks akash and inogenius,

    that's a great help. I'll bookmark this page. (I must say the SSL threw me a bit - SSL is the initials of me website! [Sim Sites List])

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    Majordomo 1.94.5: mailing list managemet
    MySQL: Database management
    ASP: It should be Apache ASP as inogenius said. Not real ASP since this doesn't seem like a Windows server.
    End user Backup: Mostly hosts do the backup but you can backup from your side to be extra sure...
    Random HTML Generator: I guess this shows your random quotes on a web page...

    That's all I can add...

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    xoops is a Content Manager System such as postnuke or phpnuke

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