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    I was looking around for a good host, and was pointed in the direction of

    I have yet to read anything bad about their service. I did a search here and no one actually said they had a bad experience, they just didn't like the offer of unlimited bandwidth. (Which I don't think they do anymore...)

    I am at right now, and have been for almost a year.
    I haven't had any problems with them. They too offer 'unlimited' bandwidth, but before signing up I asked how much bandwidth I really get and was told 10GB a month with the basic package. ($4.95). It'd be perfect IF they offered SQL support, which they don't for the package I have.

    I want to set up a forum like this, but when I set it up at Lycos (who offer free SQL and PHP), they deleted it within a week, no explaination offered as to why. And it had been recommended to me specifically for setting up a forum.

    If I sign up with I'd be doing the $40/year package. So I know that 30GB is the amount of bandwidth I get.

    Please help! I need to know if I'd be making a bad decision by moving.

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    Well, $40/year is cheap for 30gb. If they have 30 days money back, then try them out and let us know on how are you doing with them. Anway, Good Luck

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    I'd avoid them from my experience. The partners who run it recently had a tiff and split into two companies. Webmanix don't really know how to administer a server and were at the time i used them Fasthosts and donhost resellers. They couldn't fix anything!

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    Avoid it, it's a pathetic place to be hosted at. First of all, they stole that logo from UGO. Go and compare them:

    I wouldn't trust a site that copies a trademarked logo. They obviously can't afford to get their own logo, so they probably can't afford reliable hosting solutions. I'd say stay away.

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    The couldn't even do that right!

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    I was considering hosting a site there, however I was dubious due to the amount of comments about poor reliabilty. So I set up Internetseer to check all 8 of their servers about a month ago. In the last month, I have seen them go down frequently - often for an hour, but once or twice it was days. They do say on the site that 'Internetseer's reports are not always accurate', however, whenever I've checked the site myself, they have been. Despite the downtime, the homepage always says all servers are at '99.9%' uptime.

    The worst hit servers are 2,4 and 6, and they go down a lot. 1,5,7 and 8 haven't gone down at all while I've been watching. If you are thinking of hosting there, it might be an idea to see if they'll tell you which server you'll be put on beforehand.

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    Fair points.

    To be honest I think that they only really know how to configure the servers (not very well and i'd guess using the RAQ panel) and don't know how to properly administer. For instance tweaking, fixing issues that bring the servers down etc.

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    No the person running the company does not know how to tweek the servers, nor read the server logs to find issues.

    You will notice fromt he multiple postings in their forums that they are constantly looking for the issue, and when they do find the customer who is doing this they will shut them down. Takes weeks before they think they have an idea what the problem is and it is always blaming a script or customer for it, never themselves.

    They have had the Interseer warning up for some time, saying that it reports are false.... I use it for my web sites and it works wonderfully.

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    Email me, I will send you a story about Webmanix and the bull**** they gave me.


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