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    PaySystems - Good and Bad side?


    We are considering PaySystems as a likely candidate for our clients selling both tangible and intangible items.

    We would appreciate any comments about them. The last thing I've heard was that a payment was made but PaySystems says it didn't go through. The rest of the stories are good. Please enlighten... Thank you.

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    We use them for our international customers, so far (march 2001) no complaints...

    I assume you already did a search...

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    I sent them an email three days ago asking some questions about their service, and thus far, no reply. They don't even have an autoresponder.

    This doesn't exactly make me feel comfortable. I do like the user-chosen fee structure, but three days and still no response to a question from a potential client? H'rm.

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    I signed up with them a few weeks back, and so far it's been great! The support does have some lagtimes, but being patient, they will help you get things answered and working. Once you are signed up, they do have a Live Chat option (but I've only used that once)

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    I would recommend you to go with them. As far as support is concerned, they are very good. And as living_media mentioned about e-mail - well we're all humans or maybe something went wrong in the technical part.

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    At times I am amazed at how quickly they respond to support issues. And all times I am pleased.
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