We have one server left that most customers use as a secondary DNS, mail server, status page hosting etc.

47 per month or $70 per month, no setup - UK Based:

- Compaq 266Mhz Pentium
- 128MB RAM
- 3.2GB HDD
- 5GB monthly data transfer (we overlook any extra as long as you don't go too mad!)
- Any OS your choose can be installed at no extra cost. (customer provides serial #)
- 4 IP addresses
- Free daily LAN backups
- Full UPS system
- 24h tech support/reboots
- 99.5% uptime and SLA

Feel free to have a look in more detail at: http://www.poundhost.co.uk/servers/

or contact me on 01628 777730 or drop me an e-mail.

Best Regards,

[email protected]