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    Popup window, how to stay on top?

    I have a simple application that causes a pop-up window (javascript) to popup and display info in a small pop-up screen.

    I want this screen to stay on top, in focus, even if I have another window open (since it is a small pop-up window, it will not be in the way if it stays on top).

    Is there a way to do this with javascript or possibly with PHP?


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    in the <body> tag of your pop-up window this code:


    <BODY onBlur="self.focus()">

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    Works only in JavaScript 1.2

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    Thanks. The "onBlur" works for me, though it's a little tough to get used to. I don't have JavaScript 1.2.

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    You don't have IE 5 or 6, Netscape 6 or 7?
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    I have IE 6. However, your example did not work, and thus, I assumed I am using JS 1.1

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    On second thought, the "onBlur" does not work well for me. Its too clumsy, but thanks for the info anyway.

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