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    Merchant Account Information

    How hard was it for you guys to get a merchant account? And what banks did you go through that approved you?

    Also, criteria do they look at when approving you expecially if you are Incorporated.

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    We just went down to our local Virginia bank and got approved the same day. They asked us a lot of information like where the business was previously and fed tax ids and how was it managed. We then contacted an reseller and they linked everthing up in about 2 weeks I would say. It only took so long because wanted certain info on our web site for customers.
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    Phewww !!! AuthorizeNet setup took 2 weeks ... which is merely a 2 minutes work if you have a Merchant Account

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    2 weeks is non-sense, it should be instant with

    Be prepared, I have had merchant accounts in the past and they ask entirely too much personal and irrelevant information. Very intrusive - but such is life...
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