Note: Didn't want to hijack Cactus' thread, so making another one for this topic.

This has bugged me for awhile, since I've seen more concentration on the web aspect of design, than the art itself. As an artist of the old school, to me, it's a shame to see artists struggling to master two specialities and giving the art part the short end of the stick (come on artists, you know you can draw and design much better than what's shown here).

This isn't a knock on any particular designer (or programmer), but I would like to poll web designers who visit here of their satisfaction level of the work they're producing for clients. Perhaps the end buyer can see something that artists aren't explaining (or feel they always have to do what their client wants, instead of asking to be more creative -- you'd be surprised that the buyer may also want something totally unique!).

Feel free to express your viewpoints. Help the end buyer understand what's your particular strengths (and what you'd luv to express in your work). Perhaps the artist in all of you can finally come out of it's shell, and the quality of design work will go up once the constraints are lifted.

Art for Art's sake: it's never easy pushing the envelope, but that's the job of the artists. If Monet, Poussin, and other old masters didn't stretch their creative limits would we appreciate their work today? And you better believe it: many actually did find patrons and clients (not all masters died poor and destituted).

Come on in and express your views. Will be wonderful to hear the artistic side of the designers around here, not just the business end (and it'll help educate the end buyer of this line of work).