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    Need beta-testers -- try out our service wizard

    Hey all,

    We're going through a total redesign of our company image(, and in the process, I've come up with a new site design, as well as a nice little "wizard" that will help customers figure out which hosting plan is best for them (this is probably for the less technically savvy).

    But I do need some people to test this out, to make sure there are no gaping holes in it. So, please visit our new site, still under development:

    and click on the "HitNet Service Wizard" banner on the right. Post your responses here, or e-mail me at [email protected] to let me know if you find any problems, have any suggestions, or want to comment on it. I'd like to know if it's intuitive or not.. was it easy to use, did it answer your questions, etc.?



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    I ran through it once. It is easy to follow & a good addition.

    On the questions about disk space & bandwidth - some people using the wizard may not know how much is the right level - so maybe the question could be posed as

    - do you know how much bandwidth & space you need

    if yes -> it goes to the current questions

    if no --> it asks questions related to their planned site & then calculates an appropriate level

    Looks nice - good job.
    Andrew McMaster
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    Thanks for the input!

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