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    Looking for internet job

    I am looking for a job on the internet. Preferably using PHP/MySql but i can do many more langauges.

    i can also install forums, linux, windows, phpmyadmin ect

    Here is my resume
    (sorry it is in some part Dutch but i think you will be able to figure it out)i left my address telephone ect out as this is on a public site

    Personal data Name: Tristan Pulford
    Address: -
    Tel.: -
    GSM : -
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Nationality : Belgium
    Age: 21 years
    Drivers Licence: B

    Training · 1991 – 1998 Stedelijke Humaniora Dilsen-Stokkem Economy – Mathematics· 1998 – januari 2000 LUC Diepenbeek Informatics – Knowledge Technology· februari 2000 – heden Hogeschool Limburg Diepenbeek Applied Informatics· april 2002 Beta Nine Hasselt Specific on the job training concerning Java (JDBC, Collections, Use of the HyperSQL database, J2EE, RMI)
    Knowledge ·

    Languages: English: Very good
    French: Good
    Dutch: Mother tongue·
    Computer knowledge:
    Visual Basic
    Visual C++
    Work Experience · April 2002 – July 2002: Beta Nine (Hasselt) intern

    References · Dave Clegg [email protected]· Tristan Pulford [email protected]

    Hobbys Computer, motercross , running, fitness, creating web-sites, PHP

    Diplomas Diploma ASO Economy – MathematicsGegradueerde in de Toegepaste Informatica
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    you can install linux over the internet ?!!
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    lol no

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    better yet, can you install windows over the internet?
    heck, i cant even install it locally (what is that general protection fault thing and why is it attacking my computer?)
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    i couldnt set it up over the net cause all the exes would download ot my comp not to yours but if you want i can help you install it

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