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    Post FreeBSD gurus wanted

    I need installation/administration/troubleshooting/security experts for FreeBSD. You can be from the countries of Australia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, or United Kingdom. If you are supremely qualified, you may apply from other locations on the globe but you must be *very fluent in English*...

    Thorough knowledge of FreeBSD is required for all positions. Knowledge of Plesk or H*Sphere useful. Able to do domain transfers, FTP configuration, Apache configuration, DNS configuration, MySQL & PHP admin, troubleshooting, server *security* and other tasks needed for hosting companies on FreeBSD. This is both a “work” job and a “consulting” job – you must be able to do these things, and also to answer questions and teach them to others. You must be available to handle admin, consulting, security, support requests for the same hours a day, every day (with 4 days work and 3 days off per week of our choosing). You may sign up for 2 to 10 hours a day for those 4 days per week, and be compensated accordingly. You will always have your religious holidays off if you give us a yearly holiday schedule ahead of time.

    You MUST be able to setup new dedicated servers and install / handle scripting on the server. If you can write a script making it easier for newbies to setup new domain and mail accounts on the server *without a GUI* (not looking for a control panel), we need at least one person who can do this. This must be something we can easily teach to our clients. That script is NOT REQUIRED however, as we are hiring several but only need one script to do that. You may be compensated extra for such a script.

    This work will be paid for in generous reseller accounts based on powerful BSD servers using premium InterNAP bandwidth. For 2 hours of work per day (4 days a week), you'll get 15 GB of web space to start a hosting company from. For 10 hours per day (4 days a week), you will get an entire dedicated server with 160 GB of disk space. While you work, you will likely be able to find time to also support your own hosting customers – but our company must come *first* if there are any time conflicts while you are “on the clock” for us. Those who stay with us more than 24 months you will be further rewarded each 6 months with a limited number of shares of stock in our U.S. Company.

    If you are interested in this job please PM me or reply to thread with your contact information. Please do not reply if you don't know FreeBSD very well (Linux is not acceptable in this case). If you know FreeBSD like the back of your hand, please let me know. There's something for you here!
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    * freeBSD job

    One more thing: Have a resumé handy if you are interested... doesn't have to be a real formal or nicely formatted one, we just need to see what you can do and where you've done it.

    Thanks for your time and if one has any questions, please PM me.

    New update : We are also looking for repair technicians in the Dulles Corridor of Northern Virginia. If this job interests you, please contact me! I'll post a seperate advertisement for this at a later date.
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