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    RAQ550 OpenWebMail Install Problem

    I justed installed OpenWEBMAIL using the PKG from PKGMASTER.COM and I get the following error:

    >Please change the 3 options in openwebmail.conf
    >dbm_ext .db
    >dbmopen_ext %dbm_ext%
    >dbm_ext .db
    >dbmopen_ext %dbm_ext%
    >dbmopen_haslock yes

    I go in openwebmail.conf.default and enter the info in then I get:
    >password incorrect! Please go back and try again.

    Anyone got a fix or a clue????

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    uhm... I know this one..

    hang on... looking for it....

    yessss... found it.

    All you have to do after installing the pkg is: cp -p /etc/pam.d/passwd /etc/pam.d/openwebmail
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    but I'm not...

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    What if I add a new account?

    Would I have to copy the passwd to openwebmail each time?

    That would suck!!!

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    nope.. this is a one time action only..

    strangely enough....
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    but I'm not...

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    I think that works.

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    * htpasswd not working after install of openwebmail

    Hi there,

    after installing the package mentioned above, an external PAM was installed. I guess this makes it impossible to login at another domain, using the login data of another domain on that server. So that's positive news.

    But: using the external PAM (last line in httpd.conf), the .htaccess files I used to work with, don't work anymore. Has anyone found a solution on that already?

    My .htacces file (the one that used to work):

    AuthUserFile /home/sites/www.[domain].nl/.htpasswd
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName PasswordProtectedArea
    require valid-user
    AuthPAM_Enabled off


    Jeroen Tekelenburg

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