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    * Domain name, hosting and Search Engine submission

    I have created a web site and now need Domain name, hosting and Search Engine submission (Search engine renewal on a regular basis)

    Could anyone put me in touch with a reasonable CHEAP COMPANY that will provide the above.

    I live in the UK and would prefer a dot com name.

    Thanks in advance for any forthcoming help.


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    Hello there,

    Due to the location of where you posted this, i cant say anything about my work, so instead i will recommend you to - they are a good uk solution and i have had no problems from them.

    Im not sure if they do search engine solutions, but you could always ask... good luck.
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    For the domain-name (not webspace, just a name) I use They don't cost much, are easy to use, and have friendly support (when I needed it).

    For hosting, you might post in the Request forum with some info on what you need.

    Search engine submission can be done in many different ways. I prefer free services and doing it myself. Once the site has been submitted to a search engine, you ususally don't need to renew it on that engine.
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    Try posting in Request Forum. And as for domain name, I would recommend Anyway, Good luck

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