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    Question will I make it as a designer

    go to then click the flash site button, fast loading........ be brutal

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    you asked for it mate, so here it comes:

    go back to the drawing board!!!!

    1- the pre-flash portion of the site is painfully plain and unpleasant to look at. it's a splash keep it to a minimum of info....
    2- the flash part is again wayyyy too plain. now I am not the biggest flash fan to start with, but if you're gonna use it, use it... moreover, the window size is too big: keep the flash in an 800*600 if you can
    3- it screems amateurish as soon as you get in there..

    good luck in the future.
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    Ehm.. I don't think you will get some high profile clients, but I also suggest to get some good books and experiment a lot before offering your services.

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    Looks pretty plain. If you're going to use flash, make sure the site is utilizing it's functionality and is even necessary. Don't use flash just to use flash. Also, don't resize the browser to full screen using that javascript code! I don't want a site to take control of my browser, plus it's annoying as hell. Just my opinion. Keep practicing.
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    Not bad. We 're still learning. Can you do a favour a critise my site. Cheers

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    Not that I'm the greatest designer on earth or anything (I know I'm not) but your entire site screams "amateur".

    I agree with AboveCenter, on the Flash. It seems you just made it for the sake of making it. In it's short life, Flash designs have become very "high tech" with interaction and visual appeal. You Flash looks like something of a few years ago when Flash was first introduced. It needs a lot more creativity and energy.

    A little of topic, but viewing your source of your main page I would suggest sharpening your HTML skills before venturing into Flash or any other language/scripting/developing. Also, your design skills need to be a little more creative. It will help you in your business.

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    Be brutal? You asked for it.

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    Web site packages start from $20 per week???????????????/

    How do you live off that? You are new and yes you will become a designer. There is a fine line that is walked though from a straight artist designer and a designer that knows the ropes in amny other areas. it is best to get the basics down then move on. To learn from others that know a lot more than you, this helps a great deal. To visit sites such as, (the most important)
    www.websites that (so you learn what NOT to do)

    Follow the links from the various sites and do a lot of work. Sometimes even for free if you have to, just to learn more.

    The ones of us here that do this as a full time career and pay the bills with what we do have taken years in some cases and less if you are really gifted to perfect what we know. LOL, then we know it is a non-stop process of learning.

    Have fun and keep it up, sometimes it gests frustrating but you will prevail in the end.

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