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    Domain Transfer Problems With Netsol/Verisign/Devil

    I have been trying to transfer a domain for a client for two and a half months now. I am transferring it from Netsol aka Verisign. It was an extreme hassle to even get the password to the account in the first place to change the DNS to try and prevent at least SOME downtime. I am transferring to I have registered names with this service in the past 50+ without a problem but never transferred a domain. Every couple of days I get a message on there saying "Transfer Denied By Loosing Registrar". I have asked Rich to put it through again several times with no results. There is no lock on the domain either. I have called Verisign and gotten nowhere with them on the phone. I have not received any confirmation emails at all in email either confirming anything. They asked for a NIC number and the number Rich gave me did not correspond with the format they said was necessary. The fourth time I called (the hold times are terrible) the lady said no one had put this on priority status and I'm like well why wasn't that done the first time I called. doesn't seem to be able to do anything and is not doing anything either. I have told them verbally on the phone I want the domain transferred over and over. Something has to give soon. I am sick of dealing with this. Any suggestions or help anyone can offer???

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    Clemzon guy, will you email me the details of your transfer request and I will take a look myself and see what the problem is. Verisign seems to do this to some of our customers. They will constantly get emails that state they did not respond to verisigns request to approve the transfer when in fact they did or they never recieve the verisgn email at all. By the way, I am not the same "Rich" (Rich Howard) that has been replying to your emails. You can email me direct at [email protected] .


    Richard Kirkendall

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    I just emailed NameCheap support regarding a similar query. I have a domain registered via NetSol which I think is expired or close to expiry. I don't want to renew via NetSol but with NameCheap - but they seem to have a policy of not being able to transfer domains close to renewal. Has anyone any ideas?



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    I had a netsol domain that a previous host registered for me in the pre-compitition days. When they registered it, they used their my name and address, but their email for the contacts. They then went out of business, so I ws stuck with a name that I had no way of administering. I t4ried transferring it when it was getting close to renewal, but with the email not working I was unable to get the confirmation emails, and therefore couldn't transfer it. My new registrar told me that it was probably a lost cause trying to register with them since NetSol probably wouldn't transfer it so close to its expiration and that I should renew it with them for another year.

    I gave NEtSol my credit card info over the web to do the renewal and then I begain to get serious about transferring it after that. What I ended up having to do was send them a fax request to change the details and then (once the address was changed) I was able to authorize the transfer to the new host. Note I said send the fax request--I tried faxing it twice and got no response, so I finally sent it by snail mail and eventually got a response. They are not a fun company to deal with at all!

    Not sure it that will help you any, but I just thought I'd mention it...


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    I emailed you the details Rick. I like to deal with people that actually read the same message boards I do and reply to problems instead of giving you the run around.

    I think we need to come up with a huge campaign called "Down With Verisign" or something of that nature and mail out huge amounts of flyers that inform people about their business practices and help educate them on the transfer process and how it is in their best interest not to give them any more money other than the 6 dollars off the top that cannot be helped to "maintain a registry" and screw us with WLS.

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    I think we need to come up with a huge campaign called "Down With Verisign" or something of that nature and mail out huge amounts of flyers that inform people about their business practices and help educate them on the transfer process is a good start

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    People are learning, and fast. They are still #1, but last quarter they had 33% of marketshare - 3 months later they only have 30%.

    It's a matter of time before they realize that they have to reinvest some of these profits into customer support. Especially if they are going to remain the most expensive bastard out there.


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