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    any good windows reseller

    any good windows reseller provide advanced hosting controller ?

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    For the past several months, I try to do all my new work on Unix or Linux servers, so I'm not sure if they have the latest control panels, etc. but has decent ones and customizable control panels for your clients domains too.

    I think they've got a demo control panel accessable from their home page, check 'em out.

    I've been with them for two years. I've tried a lot of others and they're the best I've found.

    - [email protected]

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    I have a Windows reseller account with - they use - a good control panel that allows you to control pretty much everything.

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    did you try adehost?

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    Sorry, I do not offer the spawn of hell hosting controler.

    I offer the what will become a windows industry standard h-sphere.

    I am Mike From ADEHOST.Com, Multidomain Windows hosting with Cold Fusion and ASP and Dot.NET Also offering multi-domain Unix hosting. silently, each one should ask, Have I done my daily task. Have I kept my honor bright, can I sleep without guilt tonight. Have I done and have I did, everything, to be prepared. - our motto to maintain services.

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