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    who can incorporate, provide US office address, get EIN and merchant account for me?

    Please list companies..

    so far I have

    Anyone know of a cheaper and better place to get someone to

    * Incorporate my company in Delaware
    * Register and get an EIN
    * US Bank account
    * US Postal Address (actual address no P.O Box)
    * Affordable Authorize.Net Merchant Account

    I need someone todo all of that for me.. PM me your price or list the companies that do them here..

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    I'd be interested in cheaper alternatives as well

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    Follow this search on Google, there are *lots* of companies providing services like this:

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    For a United States merchant account, all you need is a US bank account (which Valis no longer provides unfortunately) and a US address, which is easy enough to get. You can also get an EIN which is also helpful

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    In order to get a US bank account you have to show yourself at the bank before they will consider opening one (usually, unless you have a large amount of money to deposit, even then they will do background checks etc). Not to mention the extra cost/paperwork associated with having a US corporation if you are not a Citizen.

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    You can open a net business checking account through Bankone without showing yourself at the bank.
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