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    Perfect host for me?

    Who can find me a host with all of these...

    - Australian host
    - domain
    - Pay yearly
    - Only used as a shortcut url (eg. , but not actually upload to that server)
    - Able to pay cash
    - Cheap - I only use as hobby, not a business or anything
    - Don't need to give personal details (address, phone-number)

    I don't want to have to give away my address or phone number... due to my parents not wanting me to get a domain but I'm gonna get one anyway That's why my requirements above are so specific!

    I need all of that! So just reply here if you know of a place to host me... or if you can or anything just PM me! Thanks heaps guys!!
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    Actually... nevermind anymore I found the right host! woohoo!
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