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    Global Network/Server Administration and Engineering Services Available

    I'm a Unix/Network/Database admin with 8 years experience.

    Experienced Senior Level Administration and Engineering Skills
    Single Point of Contact
    Unlimited Incidents/Work Orders
    24x7 Emergency Phone Support
    24x7 Highly Responsive Unlimited Email/IM Support
    24x7 Redundant Performance and Service Monitoring
    24x7 Redundant Paging with Admin Intervention
    Software Installations, Upgrades, Configurations
    Network Backbone, Point-of-Presence (POP) Management
    Firewall, DNS, DHCP Configurations
    Intrusion Detection, Patch Installs, Security Services
    Custom Kernels and Scripts, Source Code Modifications
    File System and Backup Management
    Troubleshooting and Tuning
    General Administration and Maintenance
    BSD, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle,
    Cisco, Lucent/Ascend, Apache, Qmail, Sendmail, and more!

    Part-time or full-time work. My experience provides you less down-time and quick solutions saving you money in the end.

    Also available is optional software that increases your servers stability by managing fork-bombs or run-away processes without admin intervention.

    Please email privately with an offer if your are interested.
    Will reply with resume attached and further correspondence.


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    might post a resume, or give an idea of what it would take to obtain your services for those interested.

    I take it you are interested in the hosting industry specificly and thats why you are posting here. Tried searching google for hosting companys? decent results.
    - brian

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