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    BOFH Daemon: Kill fork-bombs and run-away processes fast!

    Named for Simon Travaglia's hilarious "Bastard Operator From Hell" stories, the BOFH Daemon keeps an eye on your system and reacts within seconds to run-away processes or fork bombs which consume too much of a systems resources. It reacts by changing the priority of those processes with the scheduler. This allows these processes less runtime, giving other programs more time on the processor. It is also possible to configure the BOFH Daemon to terminate programs that hog the systems resources and ignore programs and users vital to your business. All actions are written to stdout and can be redirected to a file for logging.

    Lite weight! Simple to use and configure! GPL licensed source code included!!

    Bring an end to the frustration and costly down-time caused by run-away or fork bomb processes!

    BOFH Daemon with 30 days of email support is only $40, an extremely low investment for an extremely high return!
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    you should really give some users a free copy so they can evaluate it.. love it and then praise it.. im sure u will get more orders.. a lot more!
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    There use to be an article online at but it has been removed.

    Theres not much to evaluate. It does exactly what the description says. $40 is a small price to pay for 100% uptime.

    This software keeps your machine and customers alive.

    If you have questions please reply privately.
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