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    Grab! Professional Hosting Template

    Another professional hosting template for sale. This template did not meet my client's requirements, so I'm putting it up for sale here.

    View Template

    Click here to buy Now! Payment accepted by Paypal.

    Package Includes:
    - Layered PSD
    - One HTML Page + CSS
    - Logo insertion
    - Content Insertion
    - Exculsive Full Ownership

    New Offer Below

    1. I can customised a logo or produce inside pages for you at a small fee.
    2. Do contact me should you like to have a fully customised design done up for you as well.

    Thank you very much! Bid Now!
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    To speed things up ...

    Latest Offer

    Buy entire package @ $70/- flat. OR Just the PSD alone for $50/-.

    First to mail me an offer gets it.


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    WOW! This is definitely one of the better design I have seen here. (Yap! Just found this place actually.) Too bad I dun have the cash to buy it. I'm sure you will let be able to sell it really soon.

    Excellent work!

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    Yes, tis' a nice template.

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