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    I have a question. I have set up hosting for myself and several clients, and in each case we are only using a fraction of the available bandwidth (10 percent or less). Would it be ethical or OK for me to simply use the domain forwarding feature of one of the plans to add a new client on to and then charge them say $250 for a year's worth of hosting.



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    Check with your host as to whether they allow you to do that or not.

    Probably best to check with your host instead of WHT

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    Yes, check with your host before doing it. Some will react poorly to reselling your space on a regular account. If the resource use is as low as you mention though it would probably be ok by most people.

    Actually if you're the only one with access to the customer sites then it's often a very handy way to do things, from a maintainence point of view.

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    I don't know if it is a good idea.
    Check it with your web host, However $250 per year is quite a big ammount.

    Also , as akashik said, you are the only one to access the account , this is you will not be able to provide a control panel , etc etc...

    This means that lots of people will refuse it , and if someone accepts it , you will get spammed when they need to change something.

    I really di not understand very well what you wanna do but.... the emails , etc.... Well if I were you I whould think about getting a reseller account.
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