Neufusion.NET is now offering administration & security services to web hosting companies looking for experienced help.
We offer managed services with automatic security updates and specified allotments of ticket hours for other activities.
We also offer support on a per-incident basis in 1/2 hour increments. We can install many of the available control panels,
bulletin boards, helpdesks, and other scripts. We also offer management graphs for Bandwidth\CPU\HD SPACE\etc. usage.
Need some help configuring a service? We can help you out there too! We also offer 3 basic web hosting plans for those
looking for a space to host their web site. Finally, we offer several FREE resources: forums, how-to's, man page searches,
faqs, and a valuable links database! We have multiple methods of support: instant messaging (AIM\ICQ\MSN\YAHOO), e-mail,
ticket-system, live chat, fax\phone!

For more information on all this please check out our website: