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    Affiliate overview page(s)

    Hi, it's probably asking too much to review the whole site but I'd like opinions on the affiliate overview page, particularly the commissions page which upon reading it can be very confusing. I'm hoping the graphics and titles will tell most of the story and the TOS will fill-in the mundane legal parts. Just looking for overall impression.

    Kawika Ohumukini
    2-Tier Software, Inc.
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    It's organized and it works (you'd be surprised the 2 don't always occur with reviews)!

    As for the layout, it does need some more spice, as it looks so early 90's.

    The commissions page has the images, yet how it's put together leaves it looking amateurish. Not bad, but it can be improved.

    In short, the site looks mechanical. Needs some softness to break up the stiffness (as it's a very organized site, too stiff and it becomes boring to the eye). It has the content, the wording is excellent and it has a direction. Just need to put the elements together in a fashion where it's not so stiff, and it'll look more 21st century and free flowing.

    Also helps to have a logo. If anything get a logo made as it'll define your site and gives your enterprise a polished professional appearance.


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    and again:

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    Kevin Hauge
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    I agree with ChrisLM. It's neat and organized, but lacks a modern feel. The graphics/imagery are very bold/harsh looking.

    My opinion, the way you have your text with a photo alternating from left to right per section is also a little outdated.

    You have all the function and mechanical parts working well, you just need a facelift. Take a look at www.***************.com for some inspiration.

    Same goes for the actual affiliate page that people would use.

    Good luck with your site/program.

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    [opps, I have no idea why the site I mentioned has been banned. Take a look at members sites and get some ideas. Many have a more modern look, that you need.]

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