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    Lightbulb Need a Sharp Web Logo? Get one Now! $30

    Hi there! I've noticed a lot of people are looking for quality logo's lately. I would like to offer the community of WHT my services. I can design logos for the low price of $30. This price will not last, and soon I may need to return to my standard pricing (anywhere from $30 - $50).

    I have attached below some recent logo designs for clients found here, on the WHT board and some misc. logos.
    If your interested in having a logo created by me, just Private Message me.
    Transactions with Paypal, please.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails logosamples.gif  

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    do you want to teach a newbie logo designer (me) to get better (you) ?

    nice logos

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    Thanks steve

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    I take that as a no?

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    lol, were you serious? I'm not sure how to teach this kind of thing. It comes naturally

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    I have inspiration... just not skills Lets take this to PM.

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    some nice logos here

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