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Thread: I Can't Win

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    I Can't Win

    I can't win for anything. It seems that good webhosting companies want so much money for services... others want money but service (i.e. downtime) is really bad. I wish there was a place that I could go and find a "real" hosting company to provide me with service at a reasonable price. It seems that basement provider companies are the "in" thing right now.

    As I read these threads to several post it seems to me that we jump from host to host without really being satisfied. I like several Unix companies but they don't provide .asp support!!!

    Is there a list someplace with recommendations about companies... not the list on the net that provide recommendations on companies that give them "advertising" money!


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    7,147 is one that doesn't have any ads on it (i don't think) but you should still always ask around for opinions on the prospective host(s)....never use only one source for opinions...

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    is another one without advertising, though I've often wondered about the iPowerweb link on the front page... The rest of it seems fairly non-bais though.

    With any of the sites that do have advertising (like it just pays to look for customer reviews rather than the banner ads. Of course, it's worth taking some of them with a grain of salt too.

    I don't really envy people looking for hosting these days. The choice is vast and the solid information often a little sketchy.

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