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    Host that offers ASP and PHP???

    I don't know if I just haven't been looking hard enough, but is there a host that offers ASP and PHP and is very reliable? I've noticed that ASP is mostly found on servers running Windows while PHP is normally found on a Linux server, but is it possible to have both? The reason I ask is because I have a website written in ASP/VBScript, but I want to learn PHP. I would like to have my existing ASP driven site running until I can get a PHP version of it fully functional. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

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    I am sure alot of hosts do it. We do it on our 2000 and our Cobalt boxes as it is just a simple install with setting the stuff up in IIS to recognize. Not all that hard really, takes about 5 minutes.

    To run ASP in linux though, they have to offer Chilisoft, or run one of those little blue pizza boxes (Cobalt servers) as they come preinstalled on them.....

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    PHP Is alot easier to install on Windows then ASP on Linux. There is chilisoft but it is expensive.

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    Take a look at

    I have been with them for a few weeks now and I can use ASP, ASP.NET and PHP.

    They seem very solid.

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    I run PHP and ASP and DOT NET. what I have found real weird lately is some ASP clients connecting to the MYsql server instead of them using the mssql server. I went on to discovered that sometimes to make forums multiplatformable they have to code to the lowest common denominator. interesting chat's with my clients. Next thing I'll see if the Cold fusion guys accessing mysql and kicking in some php to boot. LOL

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