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  1. #1 ~ has anyone heard of them or bought any server ?


    I want to know if anyone of you heard of this company or have bought any server from them ?

    If so, I would love to share your experience with them, please comment here or in PM.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I'm in the process of renting a server from them. It will be arriving at the DC on Wednesday and they told me it would be configured and delivered on Thursday. If you would like some comment and can wait till then, I'll gladly give you some. Have sent them a number of sales emails, always got a promt response. Also have a contract with them, so in my eyes that proves they're 'on the level'.

    Server hardware is Dell, so can't complain about that. Transfer is pure Level3. Not sure if they have a backup provider, but I don't really care. Level3 is excellent bandwidth and I can't imagine there beeing much downtime with Level3 bandwidth in a Level3 datacenter.

    Got some good pricing out of them. Not the cheapest you'll find, but still very competative seeing it's not Cogent bandwidth and it's prime quality hardware.

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    Athlon XPô 2000+
    60gb IDE Hard Drive
    512mb DDR Memory
    300gb Data Transfer
    Red Hat Linux 7.2 Basic

    Paid quarterly it's only $315, which works out to only $105 a month (3 months per quarter right?) Seems like a very good deal to me. Setup is a tad high but can't complain with the low monthly price.

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