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    Exclamation Sh script.please help

    Hello, i need make this:

    mkdir /home/sites/site2/mysqlbakup
    chmod 777 /home/sites/site2/mysqlbakup
    chown httpd /home/sites/site2/mysqlbakup

    from site2 to site 220

    How can write sh script for make that in one step without write
    somthing like that:

    mkdir /home/sites/site2/mysqlbakup
    chmod 777 /home/sites/site2/mysqlbakup
    chown httpd /home/sites/site2/mysqlbakup

    mkdir /home/sites/site3/mysqlbakup
    chmod 777 /home/sites/site3/mysqlbakup
    chown httpd /home/sites/site3/mysqlbakup

    mkdir /home/sites/site4/mysqlbakup
    chmod 777 /home/sites/site4/mysqlbakup
    chown httpd /home/sites/site4/mysqlbakup


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    code ;
    #set -x


    while [ "$SITE" != "220" ]

    do ((SITE=$SITE+1))

    echo "creating site$SITE " >>$LOG

    mkdir home/sites/site$SITE/mysqlbakup
    chmod 777/home/sites/site$SITE/mysqlbakup
    chown httpd/home/sites/site$SITE/mysqlbakup


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