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    Mycean vs. World Wide Hosting Vs. Host Rocket

    Does anyone know about this provider? I am considering a switch in providers for my web space. I am with and have been stonewalled a little by them. I bought their service because they had multiple domain pointers. It allowed me to have both of my sites on one account.

    Problem: They use safe mode on their PHP so I am unable to use photopost. It is a gallery software that automatically makes thumbs with imagemajik.

    I want to switch to a provider that allows php without the safe mode and is pretty fast. I am looking at:

    a. world wide hosting
    b. Host Rocket Host Rocket
    c. Myacen Networks

    Any suggestions? World wide has nice features, but I do not know anything about them. Anyone know any other providers who offer multiple domains hosting?


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    Myacen never really caught onto the webhostingtalk bandwagon, hence their are only a handful of customers that frequent here
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    Never heard of World Wide Hosting.

    Host Rocket has many happy and unhappy clients from what I have read in hosting forums and in their own forums and one who I decided long ago to pass on. Mostly in regard to support issues.

    Myacen I am familiar with and must say that out of those 3 choices, if they have a plan that fits your needs, you'll most likely be happy.

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    Never heard about wwhosting but Host Rocket not much feedback.
    As far as Myacen goe's yea, I have dealt with them and find them an acceptable service.

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