I was being hosted by Directoris, however due to a series of unforseen events the service was not the best and it eventually died, ceased or how ever you would describe it. They just seemed to vanish, as it seems to happen in this industry.

I had assume I would never see them or my money again. They had one of those "to good to be true" type of deals. You pay an inition amount of money, which in itself was very small, then it was free for life. Well they .. Directoris ..have relaunched the service and have not only got there site looking better .. the servers working properly but Vincent ... the Head person has honoured his original agreement and re-established my account with them, free of charge.

Now considering the large amount of time that had pasted. and the fact that I was quite vocal about the collapse .. as one is in this industry, I have to commend Vincent for Honouring the agreement and wish him success in the relaunch.

Now if I could only get my cyberwings account back ...Dream on