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    Looking for a Cheap Cpanel Licent ASAP.

    No need in support, i've had over 2 years work with it..
    just need a licent that could be activated ASAP.
    please send me the offers VIA Email or PM.

    payment will be made using CC or PayPal.

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    You may want to try contacting hostany (that's his username), I have heard that he provides good service.

    Other companies to consider including DanielP and Robin from


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    I have the email of somebody that is offering it to me at $50 a month for an external licence. This $50 includes installation and basic support. Won't have my server for them to install it for a few more days, but they have been responsive. Don't ask me how they can get away with offering it at that price, but I'm not going to complain.

    PM me if you want the email address and I'll dig it up for you.

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