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Thread: .wav help??????

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    Question .wav help??????

    I have a CD with my customers music recording in .wav

    I need to record aprox. 30 seconds from each .wav file to upload the music samples on his site.

    How do I do this????


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    hmmm...... haven't done this, but i'm sure you can extract the audio from the cd in wav and then use a wav editor(windows use to come with one, i can't find it though) to extract the first 30 seconds and then you can convert that to mp3 for smaller file sizes

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    You can download Wave Flow which is an audio editing software. You can edit wav files with it. It's $25 but you can try free for 30 days. You can also do a search on Tucows for WAV Editor or Audio Editor for other choices.

    Wave Flow

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    Or, here is how I do it.

    Insert the cd into your computer. Open up CD Player of some sort and windows sound recorder. Get to the point on the cd you want to record and pause it there.

    Now, take a cable that has two input ends to it and put on in the mic jack and one in the sound jack. Once that is done, record and start the playing.

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    Or you could just put the CD in your computer. Go to Volume Control, then properties, then check the recording box.
    When the window pops up, select the CD Audio Box. You can then record it.

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    From CDA to mp3 or wav:
    From MP3 or wav to your site: convert to wma or use flash for streaming.

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    Sure, just use a prog like Audio Grabber - you can usually rip the music to .wav OR .mp3

    An editing prog [Wavelab, Goldwave, Cubasis, etc - all of which have free demos around] can then be used to shorten to 30 seconds.

    How come your customer doesn't do it?

    And, really, if someone wants to put music on the web, they really want to look at having it hosted somewhere like - they demand full songs be used, but you can easily make sure they can only be listened to, and not downloaded. And they don't have to worry about crippling bandwidth charges. Also, run a subscription AND a free service - depends upon whether the customer wants the chance to earn royalties from the listens or not.

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    I don't remember the name or were I have put the program I have used for changing file format....but i'll tell you how to edit the audi file with no problem.

    Use Sound Forge 5 or 6 and you'll be able to get the first 30 sec. and you can edit the sound/music. A very good programs. I think you can try it for free for some time, not sure.
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