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    I am just re opening my web design businesss (Proberly wont be up yet) And i am looking for work and a partner or maybe staff.. My company do web-design very cheaply and i am useless at graphics so some one who wants work and can work at low prices ( i mean low ) the prices are low because it may attract more clients and its not my full job.. so i work from 4pm (GMT Time!!) onwards

    I dont mine where you live or work? As long as you have some kind of Instant Messenger (well you dont have too) and they must be able to be online when i am

    I am on MSN so if your intrested Please PM me or carry on this thread




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    "I to am in the web stuff business. I would like partner, for company, for business. I have just reopened staff, and I am good at graphics. Please help me and my business, I work cheap."
    rephrasing above

    Adam, type what you want to type, but the next time, read over what you just typed, to make sure it makes sense.

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    Get paid LOW? Cheap? Think anyone would respond? Customers would respond, but.. workers? Nah... not a chance.

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    In business, legitimate customers don't care how much it costs. They care more about the end result. If the economic price has a drawback of bad quality or support, then paying 3 times as much isn't a problem.

    Also: Cheap customers are sometimes the worst customers. They expect more for what they pay, even if they're paying half as much as somewhere else.

    Be cheap at your own risk. Charge what you deserve... If you're a professional.

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