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    How it works to setting up a new hosting company

    Currently i just get a server, with let say RedHat Linux 7.3, Plesk CP, i got a merchant account with 2checkout.

    My problem is, me as a customer, came across and found out that the services is cheap and good, i click it, enter my information and pay it.

    1: I wanted to know is how my account will be created? the company will get notify by mail there is a cusotmer just paid?
    2: How do automation on account create really work?

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    While you can set up scripts (not sure for Plesk but cpanel for sure) to automatically set up accounts it is better if you manually create them. So, yes, you would have to set it up to be notified of a signup, and create the account. You would need to do this independant of 2checkout as you would need their domain name but you can get that information in the signup and have 2checkout pass it back to you and either have a script mail it or create a file on the server with their information.

    It can get quite involved, you may want to look at a billing solution like phpmanager

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    OK, here's how it worksI'm not sure about 2checkout, since we currently use RevEcon, but I imagine that both of these companies behave the same way.

    The customer goes to a product page that we created through RevEcom. He fills out his billing information and a couple of fields that we added (domain, user, pass, comments, etc.). As soon as clicks submit, RevEcom processes the payment and sends out an eMail notifying us of a new order.

    We immediately create the account using the information customer gave us, test it and make sure it's working properly, and send a conformation letter to the customer. This takes about 20 minutes to do per account and it's suaully 1-3 hours from the moment customer submits his payment info to the moment he receives a confirmation.

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    I wouldn't reccommend doing automated account creation for one reason... spammers. You will open the door for spammers with stolen credit card numbers to sign up and send thousands of SPAM emails before you even know what was going on. By the time you figure it out your server will be blacklisted and you can't do anything but cancel the account because they signed up with fake information anyway.
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    offtopic first : cdhost above is right, no automated signup's, Yes you loose a few accounts but you get quality clients overall and reduced fraud.


    well if I was you I would have started with a reseller program and gotten my feet wet. this way your monthly cash outlay is minimal, and you grow to learn support ( the most important thing for a client is support )

    now if you have the h-sphere platform, you can have automated scripts that are moderated. so even when a client signs up, the account is not created untill you confirm it yourself.

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    how if i got a reseller account, thats all... no merchant, izzit i can do business with cash only? i mean face to face.

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    Originally posted by vc_nick
    how if i got a reseller account, thats all... no merchant, izzit i can do business with cash only? i mean face to face.

    This is possible. But, still depends on your targeted audience.

    Do keep in mind that internet's market is borderless while "face to face" client is limited.

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