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    Question Charging for design + maint.

    I have a potential client who was asking me about designing his site. Right now he is looking to put a storefront online for his somewhat local business. Starting out with around 30 products or so. He currently has a host and a web guy but he is not pleased with them, which is why he was asking me.

    Well, I told him it wouldn't be a problem for the design etc. But he then said he would switch over to my hosting if I maintained his site a bit. Update products and prices, etc. So, that got me thinking because I have never done that before. Usually it is just a one time deal, then that is it.

    So to really gain his business I would like to do this, but I'm not fully clear on what I should quote him for doing this. Also, it would be added work on my part as I already run and maintain to sites of my own so I want to make sure I charge enough to make it my worthwhile as well.

    Any suggestions are welcomed.

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    We have a lot of customers we maintain sites for. We usually don't charge them a one time fee. Instead we offer them an all-in-one package with a 2 year contract with only (obviously higher) monthly fees.

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    make sure you quote him a price, specify how many 15-minute incidents it includes and price for extra 15-minute incidents. thats what i usually do with managed servers and it works rather well - should work as well for you with the updates.

    good luck,
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    Get something in writing. If you agree to update and maintain his site for $50/month (let's say) with no conditions, you're going to be pretty pissed off when he decides to add 50,000 products a month and expects you to change the 1,500 sale products each day :-) -- Consolidate Student Loan Debt

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    Thanks, yeah I will definately work out the details, as I don't want to get burned by being too generic. That is one of the reasons he is dropping his other guy, because it was a casual setup with too many open ends. He told me up front he wants to set it straight, pay me an initial fee to get me started on the project and then work form there with a monthly fee.

    So I guess I just need to work out the specifics and make sure they are clear to both parties involved.

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