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    Cool 100GB bw for $90 a month, half-dedicated

    Here's the deal. I'm running a website on a dedicated server and use up around 200gb monthly, so that leaves me 200 more free. I'm leaving 100 free, but I'm willing to sell the remaining 100gb for $90 a month. You get a lot for the money, most importantly being 1 of only 2 sites on the whole server, one-on-one communication with me via ICQ, so any problems get solved ASAP, and the knowledge that my own site is on the same server, so I don't want anything wrong there any more than you do. I can also assist with setting up stuff like message boards, customizing them, etc.


    Intel Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz, 512MB RAM, Ensim, there's lots of free HD space, so let's say 15GB HD

    Running RedHat Linux 7.2:

    Apache 1.3.22
    Sendmail 8.11.6
    Bind 9.1.0
    MySQL 3.23.36
    mod_perl 1.24
    Kernel 2.4.9-31
    EXT3 Filesystem
    PHP 4.0.6
    PERL 5.6.0-12
    OpenSSH 2.9

    Any questions? Post here or mail me at

    This offer is only valid for 1 site.
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    what kind of bandwidth? seems a little steep.

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    What do you mean "what kind"? The server's at RS. I guess I could lower the price to $90 if I got no other offers since I'm not really inclined to tout it forever... I'm busy enough with other stuff than to waste time on trying to get the highest possible price. But as I said, I've been on many ****ty hosts and know what good and prompt service is worth, and I can definitely offer that.

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    just currious why not get your own rs server for just over 100 and have 400 gigs ? your price is way to steep

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    With tax, you'll pay $106 every month, minimum. (And those offers are not there any more, as far as I know, so add a setup fee to the regular $106). And you don't really get someone to look after your server and set stuff up for you, help you around if you need help etc. when you buy a whole server. Buying a whole server's fine if you know what you're doing and are experienced enough, but I'm not offering this, obviously. This is obviously meant for someone who'll need my help with things and wants me to do stuff instead of them and save them time. And, unlike RS, I take PayPal.

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    There, the offer's at $90 now.

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