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    Question Myacen 25 concurrent sql connections ??


    I recently decided to sign up to Myacen (platinum program) since I only hear good things for this company from here.

    My mainly concern is that my forum which is in php (ubb threads), will not have any problem with speed and all my users could surf without any delay.

    I've send them a question about this and the answer I got immediately (!!!) was

    "We have a limit of 25 concurrent sql connections, (30-50 online users) if your board exceeds these amounts we will ask you move to a dedicated server"

    Since my forum has a lot more than 50 users online the same time, does this makes impossible my site to be hosted in their platinum programm? Or is it some mysql setting that I have no idea about?

    If anyone could explain me this please


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    Depending on the bulletin board, you can have upto 60-70 concurrent users online under the 25 concurrent limit.

    30-50 was just a modest figure. 25 concurrent mysql connections are allowed to your account. We host another forum with 200+ users on at a time, on a dedicated server shared with other high resource sites, and they never exceed the 25 concurrent sql connections .

    However they are now moving to their own server
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    Originally posted by Myacen
    However they are now moving to their own server
    Which sounds like a real good thing. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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