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    Thumbs up Looking for a way to stand out from your competition?

    Greetings WHT Members!

    Are you a web hosting company or freelance web developer? If so, then I'm sure you already know how difficult it is to find prospective clients and most importantly keep them!

    Fortunately, myself and the team at are offering you a unique way to stand out from your competition and be noticed by your customers.

    Your potential clients are bombarded by advertising every day! and they most likely see hundreds of ads and logos every time they're surfing the web. Even if you have the most professional design, they're not going to remember you if you look the same as every other company.

    It is a proven fact that having a mascot for your company helps promote customer loyalty. Cases in point? Ronald McDonald, the Geico Gecko, and (grugingly) the Taco Bell Dog. These instantly recognizable characters have gained their respective companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues because of partnerships with toy manufacturers, movies, sports and many other avenues.

    With a professional character from, your character is uniquely yours forever! No royalties, no copyright restrictions. You can even have your mascot printed on promotional items -- another great way to increase customer awareness of your products and services!

    Find out more at . We guarantee your satisfaction and look forward to working with you!

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    I think your concept is amunsing but interesting. good luck

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    Lightbulb Amusing? :)

    Amusing? Hehehe
    We can create mascots as funny/cartoonish or serious as you want. They can be a part of your logo or branded on T-shirts and caps as giveaway prizes and such.

    You are welcome to PM or email me if interested. Thank you

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