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Thread: Addon Domains

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    Addon Domains

    Right, in WHM.
    I want to create an account which has addon domains.
    How do I go about this? When you go to add package there is nothing about addons ?!?

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    Add-on Domains are not from a package. If you go into the CPanel for the domain, there is an option to 'Manage Add-on Domains'. That is where you would set them up. The only thing that you would have to do in WHM is make sure your main packages allow can select the add-on quota just as you would FTP accounts, email accounts, etc.

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    Mybe I wasnt clear.
    When you SET-UP a package on WHM how do you give ad-on domains when it aint an option!?!

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    Well.... it is an option for my WHM. which version of WHM you have?


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    See my screenshot below, this is just in add package.
    Hope this helps.
    Perphaps you should ask your host to upgrade cPanel.
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    Shouldn't you just go to the line that says "Max Addon Domains" and change the number from 0 to whatever you want?
    Brett Morey
    Faith Internet

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    somethings wrong then. because in create an account u can give addons, but when you make a paakage theres no option!!!???!!! and when you assign the package to an account it deleted out the adons!

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    If this is your servers, maybe you should check back your WHM installation...

    If you are a reseller this is a great time for a support ticket I guess...

    And I think this thread should be under "Hosting Software and Control Panels"...

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    needer123, you're obviously not allowed to change the add-on domain settings in package creation. So when you setup an account you are unable to change the add-on domains.

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    I also can not set limit of "addon domains" when creating packages...

    However when I choose the package it goes back to the normal create account page and there it is very simple to set the number of addon domains.

    It's very simple as long as your payin attention to what your doin


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