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    Smile Need some suggestions


    I am a newbie here, also I am new to choose a web hosting. Now I need a web hosting. I have been visiting many hosting solution providers, which include HostWorkz.

    It seems good while I have no idea of the meaning of many features it mentions, just like,

    Mailman Mailing Lists Support
    Everyone.Net Support
    Custom MX Records Changes
    SSH Access
    Cron Jobs
    Apache Handlers
    Mime Types
    Server Side Includes (SSI)

    Could someone give me some suggestions about it?
    Thank you.

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    I recommend you try emailing HostWorkz and see if they can provide answers to your questions. I know before I signed up with them, I emailed them a few times asking a number of questions, which they provided answers to.

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    Yeah eweber is right, can't hurt giving them a try, they have a 30 day guarantee so that's comforting.
    good luck with your findings
    - Ross
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    For the most part you won't need to worry about those particular features if you're just starting out (though SSI is handy in designing a site). Control Panel's nowdays are pretty feature rich, and do almost everything short of handing you a coffee first thing in the morning. (hopefully Nick at cPanel is working on that though )

    The best thing to look for really is a good interaction with support. If you feel you can communicate with them well and they understand your needs, everything else should fall into place nicely, and they'll be there when you're ready to make use of the more 'exotic' parts of your control panel.

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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