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    Question what exactly do i need?

    Hello all, was just reading through trying to get some answers. Im trying to find a place to host a new business site for 3 different companies. (not all mine) We are not sure on the whole hosting thing, how do you know how much bandwith do u need? Does this mean the amount of people that see your site or the amount of people that are looking at your site at one time. Another thing is, i'm sure most of you dont recommend this but the only thing my friend has ever used is Geocities to host his site and he likes the easy uploading threw filemanager is this available threw all hosts? I guess im jus trying to figure out what plan we need. Space, Bandwith, and whatever the rest of that stuff is that i always see advertised when u go to a site. well thanks for any help you can give. If you want u can contact me by email, if u have what i need to host a site with about 500 products for sale.


    (p.s. hope this was the place to post this. if it wasnt my appologies.)

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    Since you have three sites, you may want a reseller account that will give you a little more control over your sites, and you'll get one bill.

    Bandwidth xfer is basically the size of each page looked at times how many times it is looked at for the month.

    You'll also need to look into a shopping cart and a merchant account and SSL so you can take credit cards. You could use PayPal, but research them fully.

    You need to really make sure you go with a very reputable host that will take care of you while you learn. Don't just jump on the cheapest. Most are cheap for a reason.

    Will you be creating this site yourself or will you need help with that as well? If you use FrontPage, you will need the frontpage extensions, which shouldn't be a problem, but be sure.

    Start with a smaller account. You won't be getting that many hits at first anyway, and you can always move up. Try the control panels and see what you like. Most places have demos, and you can always go directly to the control panel sites to look.

    You can also use something like WS_FTP to upload pages to your site, or dreamweaver has one built in and so does FrontPage.
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    For ecommerce, I recommend oscommerce - . It is free software and you can add as many products as you need and you don't need any real programming experince.

    You really should learn FTP though. As you get the hang of hosting more and more, you will find it so much easier. You can run it off your systray or Start button, no need to login to a web interface. WS_FTP LE is free. Grab a copy from CNET:

    There is plenty of help available. Alot of hosts run community forums much like this one where you can ask general or specific questions and benefit from everyobe's experience.

    Also, you don't really need a reseller plan. Some hosts let you host multiple domains on one small account.
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